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Grow Local Go Local was born from the recognition that 35% of the children in West Virginia are obese. It has been proven that obesity contributes to the rise in healthcare costs, reduces personal productivity and can contribute to a reduction in self worth for those afflicted.

We also recognize that Wetzel County has one of the highest unemployment rates in West Virginia. This high unemployment contributes to low family incomes which lead to misguided food buying decisions increasing the potential for childhood and adult obesity.

Grow local Go local.org brings together Wetzel County citizens that are passionate about addressing these two problems. We believe that these problems can be reduced through a program of education and the growing, marketing, and increased consumption of locally grown food. While many areas of the Country have embraced this solution, it has yet to gain traction in Wetzel County.

Local Food contributes to our well being in many ways.

Local Food will:

  • Taste better and have a higher nutritional value.
  • Contribute to a safer and more secure food supply.
  • Enrich the local economy through the sale of locally produced products.
  • Build a more self-sufficient, caring community.
  • Reduce fossil fuel use by reducing food transportation costs.
  • Contribute to a reduction of the financial, health, and spirit poverty levels in Wetzel County.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of factory farms.

If you believe as we do, that childhood obesity and unemployment are major problems, then join Let’s work together to effect positive change in our area.

Email: qutt@growlocalgolocal.org or tmyslinsky@growlocalgolocal.org

Phone: (304) 455-1655

Grow local Go local!